Give to the Endowment

The endowment provides the organization with a reliable source of funding in the future. As the endowment grows, it generates more funding that can be devoted to new exhibits, dedicated staffing positions, or covering operational losses when the river floods or a pandemic reduces attendance.

You can create a specific named endowment for gifts starting at $10,000. This will be a permanent endowment where the principal shall be preserved, and the proceeds used to support programming and operations.

To learn more about setting up a named endowment, please contact Henry Sweets to discuss your planned giving needs.

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

- Note to the Young People's Society, Greenpoint Presbyterian Church, 1901

Named Endowments

Named endowments may be created in the donor’s name, or for others whom you desire to honor or memorialize through establishing a permanent legacy in support of the Boyhood Home. Named endowments may be created with an initial investment of $10,000 or above.

Herbert Parham

The Foreman Family

The Foreman Family Endowment was established in 2012. Dr. Phillip Foreman. The Foreman Family has a long history in Hannibal predating the Clemens family. Dr. Foreman served as a MTHF Board Member for several years. The Foremans have been longtime friends of the Museum and can always be spotted in attendance at various events, especially Music Under the Stars.

Mark Twain: Words & Music CD

The Mark Twain: Words & Music Endowment was created in 2011 with the release of Mark Twain: Words & Music. Various artists from the project designated their royalties to be donated to the Museum’s endowment fund. We thank them sincerely for lending their voices to this historic project and for this additional act of generosity, which creates an ongoing donation for the endowment with the sale of each CD.

Mississippi Valley Gun Club

The Mississippi Valley Gun Club Endowment was announced in 2010. The Gun Club was formed sometime prior to 1953 and remains one of the longest continually running gun clubs in the area. President Leo Harrison expressed the Club’s interest in supporting operations of the Museum through this named endowment.

Herbert S. Parham

The Herbert S. Parham memorial endowment was established by Herb’s friends and family. Herb Parham was a longtime Museum friend and supporter who had served as Board President and whose leadership and generosity have had a lasting impact on the Museum’s properties.

His passing on January 31, 2009, was sorely felt by those who knew him. Parham, his wife Jane, and their family have provided years of support for the Mark Twain Home Foundation, including the donation and renovation of the Mark Twain Museum Gallery and the reconstruction of the Huckleberry Finn House in honor of their son Austin Parham.

Ronald Riese

Ronald E. Riese

The Ronald E. Riese Endowment was announced in 2009. The endowment was established by Dr. Cindy Lovell, to honor the fourth-grade teacher that introduced her to the writings of Mark Twain. Riese taught at Newberry Elementary School in Etters, Pennsylvania for 35 years and is now retired. Lovell credits him with her love for Mark Twain and the Museum. This endowment supports operations.

Henry Sweets

Henry H. Sweets III

The Henry H. Sweets III Endowment was announced in 2008 on the 30th anniversary of Sweets joining the Museum staff. The endowment was established by longtime Museum friend Warren Gould of Texas with a gift from his sister’s estate. Margaret Dent taught speech and English in the Hannibal Public Schools for 27 years. Like her brother, Dent had a great fondness for the Museum and Henry Sweets. This endowment is to provide operating funds for the Museum.