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Facilites Supervisor

Phone: 573-221-9010 ext. 406

Tom received a BA in Religion from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. Mo. He has pastored churches in Missouri, Louisiana, Iowa, and Washington. He has worked many years in building maintenance and event support, notably as Facilities Manager for Louisiana Baptist Convention and most recently as Property Director for the Hannibal YMCA.

Tom grew up in Shelbina, Mo, about 40 miles west of Hannibal. Tom was a small-town farm kid who grew up experiencing life, not dissimilar to the adventures of the children in many of Mark Twain’s stories. He grew up hearing and learning the great stories of the history and deeds of townsfolk from Shelby County. Living so close to Hannibal, its history naturally became an influence on him as well.

Tom is honored to be able to do his part to preserve the physical and historical elements of properties so entwined with Mark Twain. He also enjoys meeting the guests who come to visit and occasionally is willing to share with them his insight into the properties and perhaps a yarn or two of his own.

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“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

- Mark Twain