Wayne Steffen

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Building & Grounds Supervisor

Phone: 573-221-9010 ext. 406

Wayne Steffen grew up across the river in Illinois just outside of Quincy. Throughout his career he’s had different roles from delivering newspapers as a kid, serving in the United States Navy, working as a correctional officer in a state penitentiary, serving as an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, and being an Early Bird Kiwanis and doing local volunteer work. On that journey he has received awards for outstanding employee, top salesperson of the year, he received The Missouri Governors award of Excellence for his work at the of Missouri State penitentiary. Wayne says he never felt satisfied, complete, or that his work had a purpose, until now. Quote, “Now I work for a museum that represents one of the most famous people ever in the history of man. The Mark Twain Museum and Boyhood home. I’m proud to say that I take part of the responsibility for the image, maintenance and preservation of these beautiful historical buildings and grounds.

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“I don’t like to commit myself to heaven and hell—you see, I have friends in both places.”

- Mark Twain