Roughing It by Mark Twain – Hard Cover



Roughing It is a semi-autobiographical travel book by Mark Twain. Follow along as young Samuel Clemens travels through the Wild West with his older brother, Orion Clemens. Their journey by stage coach from Missouri to Nevada, gives the reader a wonderful glimpse of the countryside and people along the way. Throughout this humorous tale are factual and semi-factual reports, and above all, some tall tales. It covers Twain’s unsuccessful efforts to stake a timber claim; prospecting for silver, and his career in reporting and freelance writing. Furthermore, it takes you along on his trip to Hawaii, and finally, his return to the East Coast through the isthmus of Panama.

Mark Twain examines the economic boom of the area, its effect on the people, and he describes the numerous animals he encounters along the way. The humorous tone of the novel is grounded in the mishaps, errors of judgments and various mistakes that are constantly preventing the author from attaining his goal – becoming rich with little effort on his part. This book has a rich mine of wonderful vocabulary and provides moving descriptive passages. These attributes insure that the novel is just as interesting today as it was at the time of its publication, over 130 years ago.

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