21 Activities for kids~ Mark Twain


Twenty-one activities for kids!!


19th Century America and the world of Samuel L. Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, come to life as children journey back in time with this history- and literature -laden activity book. This fascinating biography explores Mark Twain as a multi-talented man of his times, from his childhood in the rough- and – tumble West of Missouri to his many careers- printer, steamboat pilot, miner, inventor, world traveler, businessman, lecturer, newspaper reporter, and most important, author – and how these experiences shaped and influenced his writing Mark Twain’s writing and interests are explored in engaging activities where children can:

  • Make printer’s type
  • Build a model paddlewheel boat
  • Invent new words
  • Capture real human speech
  • Take the needle-and-thread test
  • Unmask a hoax
  • Match fingerprints & much more.

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