Mark Twain Museum Teacher Workshops

The Mark Twain Museum holds teacher workshops for teachers of all subjects and media specialists in grades 4 through high school. The purpose is to facilitate the use of Mark Twain’s writings in the classroom.

The weeklong teachers’ workshop has several goals: To provide teachers with background information on Mark Twain’s life and works; to experience the town that served as the fictionalized setting for his best-known books; to show how Twain’s writings can be used to stimulate students’ writing, and to provide a forum for discussion and creative thinking about how to approach Twain’s writings in the classroom.

The Museum staff, with scholarly outside assistance, will conduct this exciting and inspiring course filled with content knowledge and new strategies for teaching Twain’s works, including the development of a ready-to-use lesson plan – geared to use Mark Twain’s Life and works to foster student writing.

Participants will tour the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum, the downtown Hannibal Twain knew, tour Mark Twain Cave, ride the Mark Twain Riverboat, and visit Mark Twain’s birthplace in Florida, Missouri.

The Missouri Humanities Council helps sponsor this workshop. Graduate credits through Hannibal-LaGrange University are available. The next Mark Twain Teacher Workshop is planned for July 2023. The workshop size is limited to enable active discussion and interaction with the teaching staff.


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